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In January 2008, Andy Cowan and Scott Edgar went for a quick pint in the back bar of The Duke of York in Belfast. Over several rounds of the black stuff, they discussed their local music scene.

The pair had met only 8 months earlier in May 2007 at the opening of the Oh Yeah Music Centre and both shared a passion for good music. By the time of the Duke of York meeting, Scott had been kicking around the Belfast music scene for 5 or 6 years. Andy had experience in working with bands in his native Glasgow, and both helped coordinate the Oxjam Music Festival in 2007.

Sure, they had competition. Belfast was full of people promoting shows and local businesses offering a range of services to musicians. As pints flowed, Andy and Scott discussed everything from gig promoting, to merch production, to digital promotion, to… more beers.

What happened next wasn’t always pretty. It didn’t always make great business sense. It involved a lot of hard work, a lot more pints of Guinness, and almost 5 years of live shows, club nights, and adventures in music.


Thank you to the following venues who opened their doors to Andy, Scott, and deadonmusic over the years: Auntie Annie’s, Belfast. Black Box, Belfast. Custom House Square Marquee, Belfast. Derryvolgie Halls of Residence, Belfast. Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast. Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast. May Street Church, Belfast. McHugh’s Basement, Belfast. No Alibis Bookstore, Belfast. Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast. Whelan’s, Dublin.

Bands and Artists

Andy and Scott had the honour to work with, DJ alongside, and drink pints with some great musicians over the years including: Aaron Shanley. Adelaide’s Cape (England). Barry Peak. Basia Bulat (Canada). Ben Glover. Brantley Cowan (USA). Captain Kennedy. Cara Cowan. Casa de Chihuahua (USA). Communion Belfast DJs. David Ford (England). Dolbro Dan. Eilis Phillips. Eskimos Fall. Farriers. Gentry Morris. Hannah Peel (England). Here Come The Landed Gentry. Jackson Cage. Joe Echo. John D’Arcy. John Edgar Voe. John McGurgan. John Shelley and the Creatures. Johnny Vans. Junior Johnson. Katie and the Carnival. Kitty and the Can Openers. Leeward Side. Louisiana Joyride. Maguire and I. Matt Stansberry (USA). Meg Hutchinson (USA). Mel Wiggins. Niall Harden. Nicole Maguire (Ireland). Oh Yeah Belfast DJs. Palookaville DJs. Paul Pilot (England). Paul Tully. Queer Giraffes. Rachel Austin. Radio K DJs. Robert Holmes. Robyn G Shiels. Rory Lavelle. Ross Clark and the Scarfs Go Missing (Scotland). Rue Royale (England). Sarah Smith (USA). Silhouette. Swell Time Western Swing Band. Tanya Strowger. Ten Gallon Hat and the Big Salute. The 1930s. The Band With No Name. The Dirty Blues Band. The Dirty Roots. Thom Southern. Three Blind Wolves (Scotland). TJ Shields. Ursula Burns. William Elliott Whitmore (USA). Wookalilly. Yngve and the Innocent (Ireland).

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